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Our talented staff consists of the area’s best dancers and coaches.

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If you would like to audition to become a member of the 2023 American All-Star Summer Staff, please follow the steps below!

Complete and submit the American All-Star Staff Application

Send in a high-quality video of yourself performing a solo routine.
You must email the video, or a link to the video, to staff@americanallstar.com.
Solo must include the following genres:  jazz, pom, and hip hop
Solo must be 1 minute, no more than 1:30

Submit a separate video of required skills, including:
– Brief introduction stating your name, current school, current dance team, and college plans (if known)
– Double pirouette
turn, right and left
– Grand jete, right and left, optional arms (video side view, not from the front)
– Turns in second, right only – 1 count of 8, finish with a double turn
– Second leap, right and left, optional arms (video front view)
– Calypso, right and left, – 1 to the ground, 1 stay on your feet each, right and left
– Toe Touch
– Step kicks – 3 counts of 8
– Bounce kicks – 2 counts of 8, optional arms
– Splits, right and left

Send the following Staff Recommendation Form link to at least 3 people. We must have at least 3 recommendations submitted for each applicant.

Finalists will be selected from the applications and videos. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be notified via e-mail.  Dancers who are invited to the final round of auditions are required to attend an in-person session, which will include:

⋅ Dance Skills Evaluation
⋅ Teaching Evaluation
⋅ Interview


Staff Auditions Round 1
October 15 – 31 | Application and Videos Submitted

Staff Auditions Round 2
November 3 – 12 | Application and Videos Submitted

FINALS: Rounds 1 & 2
November 26 – December 16, Final Round in Person
Location, date, times to be determined.
All details will be emailed to each candidate.

Round 3
January 12-31 | Application and Videos Submitted

Round 4
February 2 – 24 | Application & Video Submitted

FINALS: Rounds 3 & 4
February 25 – March 23, Final Round in Person
Location, date, times to be determined.
All details will be emailed to each candidate.

Final Round for 5
April 29 – May 10 | Final Round in Person
Location, date, times to be determined.
All details will be emailed to each candidate

⋅ You must be a senior in high school or older
⋅ You must have dance (dance team, studio or both), cheer, drill, or color guard experience
⋅ Teaching experience is a plus

Mandatory Staff Training Dates Will Be Sent ASAP!

American All-Star is a rapidly growing company in the athletic performance team industry. We are a multi-faceted national company that conducts both university and private instructional training camps throughout the United States. Our staff is comprised of well-trained professionals and is selected annually from a field of hundreds of applicants. To be eligible, you must have graduated high school or be graduating by the upcoming spring. You will be required to participate in staff auditions. Scroll down to view more Staff Audition Information! In addition to our rigorous camp and competition schedule, American All-Star offers the most prestigious performance opportunities to our staff and All-Star Team. We are diversified in that we produce and direct special events, as well as conduct “Goodwill Performances” in the United States and abroad. The level of talent, professionalism, and commitment necessary for us to produce intricate events is a testament to our staff. Our staff members are not only performers; they are choreographers, teachers, supervisors, counselors and role models. In addition to teaching routines, our staff is expected to instill leadership, teamwork and the importance of a positive mental attitude. Staff members also aid in the selection of the American All-Star Performance Team, which is made up of the most outstanding members from each team that attends American All-Star camps. If you have any questions about applying for a staff position, please email Kristen Rapp at kristen@americanallstar.com.

The AAS Difference

At American All-Star we believe everyone is a star, and we want to help you shine as bright as you can. Our staff empowers young dancers, sponsors, and schools to achieve their goals beyond their belief. We are committed to developing the whole student and strive for excellence in everything we do. American All-Star is a dynamic and interactive company to help dancers excel academically, emotionally, and physically.

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