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American All-Star Competitions

Every year the American All-Star state, regional, and national competitions showcase outstanding dance teams.  Each competition provides junior high, high school, and college dance teams the opportunity to dance at the competitive level in an exciting and impartial environment.

At American All-Star, we truly believe in the spirit of positive competition.

Competitions are not only about winning,  but about working together as a team. Each year our lineup of state and regional competitions paves the way for the spectacular US Dance/ Drill Team Championship.

The American All-Star Dance/Drill Team Championship is sure to be a wonderful experience for you and your team. As one of the most professional championships in the industry, the American All-Star Dance/Drill Team Championship has become known as the premier championship for junior high, high school, and college dance teams.

State and regional competitions are held in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, and the United State Dance/Drill Team Championship is held in Orlando, Florida. 

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