About AAS

Celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of all dance teams and their schools

About AAS

Celebrating the individuality and uniqueness of all dance teams and their schools! 

Our Mission

We at American All-Star celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of all dancers, dance teams, and their schools. We provide education and support to help your dancers and sponsors shine brightly. We can assist with fundraising efforts, choreography, and anything else your dancers need to excel. American All-Star wants all dancers to thrive on the stage, in the classroom, and in their communities. We provide opportunities to grow and enrich your dancers in these areas.
We are continually looking for growth opportunities to provide your dancers with the best travel opportunities, competitions, scholarships, academic support, and dance education. We encourage commitment and uniqueness of each individual dance team. American All-Star strives to meet the specific needs of each team we work with. It is our job to strengthen team weaknesses and challenge team strengths through fun and enriching experiences.

AAS Staff

Our talented staff consists of dancers and coaches from all over the country. 

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The AAS Difference

At American All-Star we believe everyone is a star, and we want to help you shine as bright as you can. Our staff empowers young dancers, sponsors, and schools to achieve their goals beyond their belief. We are committed to developing the whole student and strive for excellence in everything we do. American All-Star is a dynamic and interactive company to help dancers excel academically, emotionally, and physically.

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