Kristen RappCompetitions, Private Camps

    Kristen began working for American All-Star in the summer of 1998, after winning the Robert Fitzmorris Dance Scholarship and earning a place on American All-Star Staff.  She has over 20 years of dance studio training and received her teacher’s accreditation through the Labourdette School of Dance in 1996.   Kristen was an American All-Star summer camp instructor and University Camp Director through the summer of 2002. As part of American All-Star Staff, Kristen worked with junior high, high school, and college dance teams across the country. She also traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii and London, England with the Goodwill Performance Tour.

    While at the University of Southern Mississippi, Kristen danced for the Southern Misses and served as captain her final year. Kristen graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in December of 2002, with a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and a minor in Psychology.

    In January of 2003, Kristen began her current position as Competition Coordinator. She has run numerous state and regional competitions, as well as the United States Dance/Drill Team Championship for the past 15 years. During this time, Kristen also served as team director of the NFL’s New Orleans Saintsations for 5 seasons. She traveled to London, England as part of the International Series, as well assisted with many pre-Game and halftime shows at Saints games.

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