We want to make it is as easy for you as possible!

Welcome Directors! Many thanks for stopping by the American All-Star Website! As you look through this section of our website, set-up just for you, keep in mind that we are here to assist you in any way possible! Being the director/sponsor of a dance team, auxiliary team or studio team is HARD WORK! We want to make it is as easy for you as possible! Check out our available services and please call if you have any questions about our company or services. For questions about fundraising, team issues, travel, choreography, etc. please e-mail Allison Nihart at <a href=”mailto:allison@americanallstar.com”>allison@americanallstar.com</a>.

Fundraising, Dance Clinics, Choreography, Music Editing, Director Support

We have many services available for you, the director, to help you run a successful team.


Louisiana State Souvenir Program Ad Campaign

American All-Star offers all clients an opportunity to participate in the Louisiana State Dance/Drill Championship Souvenir Program. If you are interested in making a lot of money in a small amount of time and with very little effort, you need to call Allison Nihart, or email her at allison@americanallstar.com. She would love to talk to you about this fundraising opportunity!

Dance Clinics

American All-Star is happy to partner with any school or studio in a one-day dance clinic. The clinic is held at the host school and the host team makes their money through concessions, T-Shirt sales, and registration fees. American All-Star will instruct the clinic participants and assist the director in the organization of the event. The All-Star fee is negotiable and will be based on the number of participants. For a quote, and to start making plans to raise money for your team, call Allison Nihart at 985-951-8600, or email her at allison@americanallstar.com.


If you need a great routine, and would like some outside choreography, please give us a call. Many of our camp instructors are available to choreograph a competition routine just for your team! You can request a choreographer, or we can match you up with one whose style complements your team style. Remember, competition season is around the corner, so call now for prices and to set a date!

Music Editing

If you’re tired of cutting your music on a tape player, but don’t know how else to do it, give us a call! We would be happy to edit your music for competitions, pep rallies, or any other performance. And we keep all files for at least 2 years, so if you lose your music, or it gets damaged, we can send you another copy! If you have any questions about this service, or for pricing, please call the office, or e-mail Ashley Bowman at ashley@americanallstar.com.

Director Support

At all American All-Star university dance and auxiliary camps, directors are offered a variety of classes to assist and support them in the management of their team. Classes include parent involvement, choreography, cleaning methods, fundraising, competition, and traveling with your team…just to name a few. At all camps, All-Star personnel are available to answer questions and give ideas that may be helpful to you and your team. Any member of the American All-Star administrative team is available any time, just call 985-951-8600 or email allison@americanallstar.com


If you need judges, or an instructor, for your auditions, please click the link below and submit your request form online!  Please submit your request at least 3 weeks prior to your audition date.

2019 Judge Request Form click HERE!

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