American All-Star is offering classes to help students, age 8 – 15, prepare for and be successful in trying out for junior high or high school dance teams and cheerleader squads.  Students will learn important and necessary dance team and cheerleading techniques in addition to elements of “performing” to ensure a positive experience when auditioning for school spirit teams.



These classes will instruct students in proper stretching techniques to acquire right and left splits, toe touches, kicks, and important elements of jazz technique.  Classes will also instruct students in basic dance team techniques (jazz, high kick, pom, hip hop) cheer jumps, technique, and voice projection.  The 8- class series will build each week and will culminate in a “mock” try-out for students to participate in as well as a final “performance” for family and friends.  All participants will be assessed at the beginning and end of the 8 – class series to track student progress.


295.00 per person for fall session (includes instruction, assessments, and class T-Shirt

All monies are nonrefundable

Space is limited for all classes to ensure students receive one on one instruction as necessary.


Modern Conceptions of Dance

2150 North Hwy 190, Covington, LA (above Cole’s Rental)

Fridays, 4:30 – 6:00; beginning Friday September 28 and concluding Friday, Nov. 16

NOLA Spaces

1719 Toledano (one block off St. Charles)

New Orleans, LA

Thursdays, 5:30 – 6:30; beginning Thursday, September 27 and concluding Thursday, Nov. 15



Fall Session – Week of September 24 – Week of November 12


Week #1

Stretch                                                                    Pre-Assessment

Dance Team                                                          Pre-Assessment

Cheer                                                                      Pre-Assessment


Dance Team                                                         High Kick Technique

Cheer                                                                     Jumps

Week #3

Dance Team                                                        Review High Kick Technique

Basic Leaps (jazz)

Cheer                                                                    Review Jumps

Basic arm placement and technique

Week # 4

Dance Team                                                        Review High Kick Technique

Review Leaps

Pirouette turns (dance team technique)

Cheer                                                                   Review Jumps

Review arm placement and technique

Voice Projection skills

Week # 5

Dance Team                                                      Review High Kick Technique, leaps, turns

Basic dance team skills (pivot, three step turn etc…)

Cheer                                                                  Jumps, arm placement, voice projection

Chants (1)

Week # 6

Stretch                                                               Assess progress

Dance Team                                                     Review all skills

Teach choreography using skills learned

Cheer                                                                 Review all skills, Chants (3), and Cheer


Week # 7

Elements of Performing

Mock Try-outs


Week # 8

Mock Try-outs

Final Assessment

Performance for Family and Friends

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind experience to get you try-out ready!

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